Your Earth Day Guide to Lake Cleanup

| 4/6/2015 10:14:00 AM

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The best thing about Earth Day is it's a natural time of year to reset your goodwill clock. Lakes and ponds are often the focal point of community parks. They're natural — well, normally natural — bodies of water that many seem to think care for themselves.

Unfortunately, with runoff and soil erosion so prevalent, these bodies of water need our help to stay healthy and enjoyable for us and to support wildlife.

Why Lakes and Ponds Matter

Even though you'll never let pond water past your lips, what about your pets? What about summer vacations full of swimming, fishing and boating? These bodies of water are a part of your community, and their health affects yours.

Did you know lake and pond problems can build into physical health problems for you? Blue green algae isn't just unsightly, it can carry cyanobacteria, which can lead to anything from dermatitis to liver damage or worse.

Even if you chose to ignore the risk of sickness, the smell of a dying pond or lake is disgusting. Do you really want that wafting through your community?

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