Wood-Mizer Releases New High-Tech WM4000 Thin-Kerf Headrig

| 3/13/2013 3:12:31 PM

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Wood-Mizer sawmill 

Wood-Mizer, the world’s leading portable and industrial sawmill manufacturer, has released the WM4000 thin-kerf industrial sawmill – a mill they are calling the ‘next generation’ in sawmills that combines thin-kerf blades for maximum log yield with advances in automated technology to create an ideal solution for profitability in the again growing timber industry.

Similar in overall design to Wood-Mizer’s industrial WM3500 sawmill, the WM4000 features are more heavy duty and more productive in almost every way, making it an ideal solution to add to an existing sawmill operation or to launch a new one.

Command Station – Featuring a standard larger and fully-enclosed operator cab, the operation of the WM4000 is designed for productivity and ease-of-use. The new deluxe joysticks control all sawing and log handling functions, and feature proportional hydraulic speed control. They can also be set up to save two different sawyers’ personal joystick preferences.

The new 7.5” Human Machine Interface touch-screen presents more information to the sawyer. Board and cant sizes are displayed along with current head height, feed position, and blade power. Amongst a host of new productivity-enhancing features, the most popular one is the Auto-Cut feature, which remembers the location of the start and end of the log. Instead of the sawyer overshooting either end of the log, the sawhead knows how far to cut, and where to return to, and as a result spends more time sawing.

The Sawing Head – The addition of a servo motor to control the vertical head location increases the head up/down speed and positioning precision. Larger blade roller guides provide the blade even more support in the cut.

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