Boulder Outdoor Survival School Wilderness Training

Boulder Outdoor Survival School specializes in wilderness training, including courses in extreme hiking, a backcountry base camp, living a primitive hunter-gatherer lifestyle, solo camping and finishing with a student expedition.

| May/June 1988


Students gather in the big cave.


Wilderness skills as they should be taught—in the wilderness, and an examination of Colorado spelunking survival course. Boulder Outdoor Survival School has classes in wilderness training for homesteaders who want to experience a truly special outdoor experience. 

Wilderness Training Schools, Part IV

The day begins gently, cautiously, the way I like it.

I awake on my back on the dusty floor of a shallow sandstone cave. Opening my eyes I see, high on the sloping back wall, the faded, crumbling remains of a pictograph—a small, crude painting made by some primitive artist who took shelter here centuries before Christopher Columbus was even so much as a gleam in his father's eye. The figure is odd, angular, Anasazi.

Anasazi —those mysterious early dwellers of the Four Corners region of the American Southwest. The name is Navajo and means "the ancient ones," or "the ancient enemy," and their ghosts pervade these hoodoo canyons yet. It's the summer of 1987, but the atmosphere here is Neolithic.

Photographer Branson Reynolds and I have come to this wilderness of sandstone and sage in south-central Utah to gather photos and experiences for a story on the Boulder Outdoor Survival School, best known by its acronym, BOSS.

The Wilderness Training School: An Overview

From southwestern Colorado we came, crossing into Utah and over the Colorado River where it bleeds into Lake Powell just above the Hite Marina. Then up and over and down and through the rough-hewn splendor of the Burr Trail.

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