Colorado Outward Bound Wilderness Training

Colorado's Outward Bound specializes in wilderness training, including courses in summer mountaineering, winter mountaineering, desert trekking, multi-environment (mountain, desert and river travel) and whitewater rafting.

| January/February 1988

The grandpa of the outdoor schools, Outward Bound features open-air campuses in five states. The Colorado Outward Bound has classes in wilderness training for homesteaders who want to experience a truly special outdoor experience. 

Wilderness Training Schools, Part II

It's first week of June, and a chartered bus carrying 40 Outward Bound students is rolling down a highway paralleling the Blue River in central Colorado. At this time of year the Blue is flowing thick and muddy with snowmelt from the Gore and Ten Mile mountains. Towering above the valley floor are the sublime snow-covered summits that make up the two ranges. These mountains are rugged, some of the steepest in the state, but from a distance they appear to be no more than big rolling hills.

Eighty anxious eyes peer through the tinted bus windows as the students try to imagine what their Colorado Outward Bound School (COBS) experience will entail. The bus continues on its journey from Denver, where the students boarded three hours earlier, heading deeper into a majestic and remote country.

Waiting at a campground on the Blue River are nine COBS instructors, of which I am one. We laugh and joke around, trying to sustain a light and carefree atmosphere. Yet this is the first and most difficult day of a 23-day mountaineering course, and the moment the bus arrives we go to work.

"Here it comes!" someone shouts.

"Here we go!" announces Paul, the course director. Paul is responsible for eight instructors and the 40 students bearing down on us now.

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