Where Mother Came from

Here are the links to several articles that show just where MOTHER came from.

| March/April 1976


Everything has a beginning.  Here is MOTHER's.


During the nearly six and a half years that MOTHER EARTH NEWS has been published, one particular question has popped up time and time again from almost everyone who's talked to me about the magazine: "Where did you ever get the idea for a publication like MOTHER?"

Well, I got the idea from a lot of places.

From living the first seven years of my life on a 40-acre family farm (complete with goat, cow, pigs, chickens, orchard, big garden, etc.) and a fair number of my later years on a 144-acre largely "organic" farm in Indiana.

From decades spent with people who lived and worked outdoors at their own pace and in their own way, as a natural consequence of who and what and where they were.

From picking a great number of rocks out of the pasture by hand. From helping to build what — at the time — seemed like miles of terraces across washed-away hillsides. From pouring many cubic feet of concrete and otherwise remodeling old and constructing new barns, houses, and toolsheds. From throwing thousands of bales of hay to a herd of dairy cattle and then hauling much of that hay — in somewhat altered form — out to spread on the fields. From fishing some, hunting a little, and working a lot on those Indiana farms.

From the 12 years I spent on the road as cartoonist, writer, road manager for a performing group, draftsman, common laborer, aircraft electronics technician, display fabricator, salesman, gas station attendant, deliveryman, reefer hand, designer and builder and owner and operator of a trampoline center, factory worker, film director, model designer, and a whole lot of other things ... including bindlestiff.

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