VeggieHotels: Purely Vegetarian Worldwide Accommodation

| 11/20/2012 2:13:20 PM

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More than 300 hotels and B&Bs that serve exclusively vegetarian or vegan food are listed on the website of the new hotel association VeggieHotels.

Even people who avoid all animal products in their diet wouldn't miss anything during their holidays, as VeggieHotels offers a detail-search for purely vegan hospitality.

Veggie is a great trend these days. More and more people are choosing the health related, ecological and ethical advantages of a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. But even though millions of vegetarian and vegan tourists constitute a significant target group, hotels and guest houses that are purely vegetarian are still rare.

The webportal of the hotel association VeggieHotels, which went online in August 2011, makes it easy to find purely vegetarian hotels, guest houses and even conference centers. More than 300 houses in 45 countries with purely vegetarian and vegan kitchens are already listed. 29 houses offer exclusively vegan food. From the simple guest house to the 5 Star hotel, the whole range of the hotel business is represented.

The criteria for a VeggieHotel are clear and simple. Neither fish nor meat is served. Many of the purely vegetarian hotels and guest houses also offer organic food and accommodate specific diets, such as vegan and raw food diets.

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