How to Find Low-Cost Tools and Used Military Supplies

Tom Boswell provides tips and hints on locating and buying low-cost used military supplies for homesteading and reselling purposes.

| September/October 1975

I've been preparing my escape (not to the country, but to the sea) for 2-1/2 years now, and I believe I've learned a lot that MOTHER's readers can use . . . so batten your hatches and prepare for a long harangue.

First I'd like to mention my most useful source of used military supplies: a tabloid newspaper called Shotgun News (Hastings, Nebraska). Its advertisements are primarily of interest to hunters and fishermen, but a careful check will uncover many jewels.


[1] For only $30.00 1 bought a surplus U.S. Army M1941 tent stove which will burn any liquid or solid fuel and supposedly puts out up to 50,000 Btu's.

[2] For about $120 (including shipping) I purchased 460 pounds, net weight, of surplus army rations. (Go ahead and turn green, all you ex-GI's . . . I intend to trade them to island natives for more palatable fare.)

[3] I've just acquired a total of 60 inflatable vinyl solar stills (Distillation Kit, Sea Water, Solar, Class B, Specification MIL-D-585OD) for only $30.00. That's 50¢ each . . . and the same devices list in marine supply catalogs for 50 bucks apiece! I'll make a mint peddling them to yachtsmen for their life rafts.

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