Last Laugh: Twisted Fairy Tales

What do you get when you combine tongue twisters and fair tales? Twisted fairy tales of course.

| March/April 1989

twisted fairy tales - the Princess on the Pea

Only in twisted fairy tales would a Cessprin hunt prince a for.


Well sir, a smooth-talking story-weaver, Jon Spelman, who surely lives up to his last name, once shared a couple of very entertaining but, uh, twisted fairy tales with us; mind you, Jon sometimes gets his words jumbled up a bit. And the absolutely best way to straighten them out — and have the most fun yourself — is to read the stories the way they were meant to be enjoyed: out loud.

The Princess on the Pea

By Christian Hans Anderson

Time upon a once, there was a prince who wanted to get married. But he decided, for some reason foolish, that he wanted his wife to be a very real Cessprin. So about traveled he all through the world to real a find one. But every Cessprin he met was not real enough quite. There plenty of Cessprinces were, but they whether real enough were, he not figure out quite could. There was some always thing that did not right seem quite.

So home came again he and was sad quite, for he much so wished to find a prin realcess. Well, one storm a bit later little, a terrible night came on. It lighted and thunded. The stream rained down. It was fearful quite.

There then a door at the knocking came. Prince the open down to went it. Was a woman young it who out stood the door side. But, oh my, she how awful looked the rain from and the weather heavy. The hair streamed down her water and her clothes and into ran the top of her shoes and out ran at the heels.
"Are you who?" asked Prince the.

"I am a Cessprin," declared she.

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