True Saga Commemorates an Epic American Pilgrimage for the Earth

| 2/8/2016 12:00:00 PM

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"What they greatly thought, they nobly dared.”  - Homer, The Odyssey

Twenty years have come and gone, and thus I am moved to acknowledge and commemorate a great adventure for our earth and our era, and the telling of the true tale of that adventure as Odyssey of the 8th Fire.

The 8th Fire online saga tells the nonfiction story of a great, long prayer walk 20 years ago (1995-1996) from the Atlantic to the Pacific. The story and the teachings arise from the deepest roots of our land and it’s most ancient traditions of peace and environmental balance. But the unfolding of the saga takes place in the present and the future under the skysign of the Whirling Rainbow.

Sunbow Whirling Rainbow & my Sandpainting

In the tale, circles upon circles, spiritual elders make a great and generous giveaway of the teachings they carry for the people and for the earth we share.

As well as the true tale of our travels on foot across the continent, Odyssey of the 8th Fire is also the essential story of our meetings with dozens of traditional, learned elders of North America. They gifted us with messages to deliver.

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