Travel Adventures to Faraway Lands

Upcoming travel adventures for 1983 and '84 include trips to Japan, Scotland, Australia, Africa, Mongolia, and Tibet.

| March/April 1983

travel adventures - Manyara lions

Can there be travel adventures without lions? Well, yes there can, but the presence of lions is certainly proof of the genuine article. These specimens in the Manyara Lake region weren't at all camera-shy.

Photos by John L. Creech, Will Weber, Russel Schlripman, and the MOTHER EARTH NEWS Staff

Happiness is to "travel into a very far country, and even out of ourselves." (Thomas Browne)

We're very excited about the tours MOTHER EARTH NEWS will be offering for the remainder of this year and during 1984. Just look at this lineup: the horticultural practices of Japan; Scotland's New Age lifestyles; alternative energy in Australia; the wildlife of Rwanda and Tanzania; biking Inner Mongolia in China; and trekking Ladakh's Tibetan Plateau! And of course, our travelers will be able to share these incredible experiences with other MOTHER EARTH NEWS readers — who are, as we've discovered over the years, fabulous companions!

Because of space limitations, we can give you only the following brief outlines of our upcoming travel adventures, but you can write to us for more details.

The Plants and Gardens of Japan

As we went to press, there were only a few openings left on our springtime horticultural study tour of Japan (April 21 to May 12, 1983) with Dr. John L. Creech, former head of the U.S. Arboretum in Washington, D.C. and one of the Western world's top experts on Japanese gardening practices. However, there's always the possibility of a last-minute cancellation, so if you'd like to visit some of the Orient's most exquisite gardens at the peak of their beauty call us to find out whether any space is available. (The all-inclusive cost, from San Francisco, is $3,795. Which would have to be paid right away.)

A Return to Findhorn and Friends

Last year's visit to the New Age Scottish community of Findhorn, and the nearby island of Erraid (which a few members caretake and farm), was so delightful that we decided to repeat the experience from June 1 to 23, 1983.

This time, we'll fly from New York to Edinburgh, where we'll spend two days sightseeing and recovering from jet lag before proceeding by train to Findhorn, on Scotland's northeast coast. There, we'll participate in an "Experience Week," working and playing with the community's creative citizens as we learn from their fresh approaches to old problems.

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