A Conversation with Permaculturist and Mythologist Willi Paul

| 8/15/2017 10:43:00 AM

Tags: permaculture, chaos, survival, interviews, mythology, Willi Paul,

Willi Paul Interview 

 What have you been building for 7 years?

The website Planetshifter.com. Metaphors abound: Social template; a spiritual reservoir; a cocoon. A source book of eco-alchemy and new archetypes. Questions. Tons of questions. Perhaps an extended family? The new mythology.

Your work with sound is weird. What is the goal?

Shake up reality and make text poetry audio and frantic. I like the joist from a sound sample to a new metaphor and message. I deploy sounds to penetrate and explore the fuzzy under belly between our conscious and the subconscious. Sounds empower and entwine the emerging archetypes of our time. Sound forces are largely misunderstood and under-utilized in our post-radio, pre-packaged file streaming Sonos.

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8/16/2017 3:56:48 AM

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