The Ozarks Natural Beauty

| 1/19/2013 1:35:53 PM

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Mid America's Ozarks region encompasses almost 55,000 sq. miles mostly in Missouri and Arkansas. There are also portions in eastern Oklahoma and the tip of southeast Kansas. A broader definition includes parts of southwestern Illinois which is debated amongst geologists. Regardless, an adventurist can explore countless areas of natural beauty in this land. I can only touch on the subject here. But it should be enough to whet your appetite. Traveling for over 20 years exploring, studying, photographing and writing about the region is only a start for me. I still have many places to experience and capture through the lens and pen.

Sams Throne vista 

The Ozarks is an outdoorsman's dream. Clear running streams, picturesque lakes, some of the country's largest springs, thousands of caves and other natural wonders adorn the landscape. Also, the hunting and fishing is world renown. Here are a handful of spots to target on your adventures.

The Ozarks is home to clean and clear running streams 

Visit the upper Buffalo River region around Newton County, AR. This area is probably the most isolated and rugged portion of the Ozarks located in northwest Arkansas. Tucked away in the Boston Mountains range, you'll find dramatic landscapes, wild elk and breathtaking waterfalls during the rainy season, plus millions of acres of wilderness and forests. Enjoy a float down the Buffalo River with its 500 ft. tall bluff lines or Sam's Throne with the remarkable vistas and rock climbing opportunities offered here. Hike back to Hawksbill Crag, aka Whitaker Point, in the Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area. You will also experience an Appalachian culture where the old fashion customs and organic ways of living are the norm.

Hawksbill Crag in the Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area 

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