The Emergence of a Commons-Based Economy

| 4/30/2012 4:50:08 PM

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Earth handsThe political, social and industrial organizations which operate separately and within individual countries are struggling to cope with the globalization of these aspects of personal and corporate life. One approach to managing these diverse elements of society that affect food, housing, finance, special survival, material resources and more is a strategy known as commons-based economy. To learn more about this commons approach, The UK House of Commons is hosting a seminar on the topic. Here is the announcement regarding the event.

On May 8th, the UK House of Commons (the lower of house of the Parliament) will host the launch of a 12-seminar series on The Emergence of a Commons-based Economy, run by James Quilligan and jointly organized by the School of Commoning and the Christian Council for Monetary Justice. Please alert any contacts you may have in the UK to this program for a description and registration details.

Although those events will take place in the UK, their impact will not be limited to one country. Our intent is to move the commons in the forefront of the national discussion about the way out of the unending crisis. If we succeed, which is within the horizon given the powerful line-up NGOs and think tanks supporting the Quilligan Seminars by each convening one of them, it will have a positive impact on the commons movement everywhere, particularly.

The Convergence for a Commons-based Economy, a commons for the Commons, which we plan to start forming at the concluding event of the Quilligan seminar series, will be open to international membership. If we muster enough technical capacity during the seminars, we’ll also broadcast them live via streaming web video. At minimum, we want to film the events, create an e-book of its materials, and develop an interactive knowledge map, adding up to an online toolkit for the transition to a commons-based economy, which will be available worldwide, free of charge.

We need your help to make it happen. Please visit the seminar series’ crowdfunding website and if you like what you see, express your support with a donation. Even small amounts help. We’d also appreciate if you’d help spreading the word, by forwarding  this message to your commons-friendly contacts, Facebooking and tweeting about it, using the site’s shortened URL:

Thank you for your solidarity!
Lisinka Ulatowska, Mary Beth Steisslinger, and Anthony Robinson,
on behalf of the School of Commoning  

Heidi Hunt is an Assistant Editor at MOTHER EARTH NEWS magazine. She has been on the editorial staff since 2001 when Ogden Publications acquired the magazine. Heidi especially enjoys interacting with readers and answering the myriad of questions they throw her way. You can also follow Heidi on .

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Mary Beth Steisslinger
5/5/2012 3:23:59 AM

With a little delving, people can see that the commons movement provides the check and balance to the Market State that we desperately need... It's good to be wary, but this is for real. Commons economics provides structural adjustments to empower local decision-making closest to the resources in question. Common economics also prioritizes the protection of natural capital providing a new system of real and tangible value for the foundation of sustainable monetary systems grounded in bioregions across the planet. It has the power to transform business decision making, aligning it with the health and well-being of natural and human communities. MB Steisslinger, Systems Biologist

5/4/2012 7:18:12 PM

Don't make mistake; we already have a one-world government, it's called the rule of the bankers! Do you like them?

5/4/2012 7:13:16 PM

If communism failed about 2 decades ago, and capitalism fails us now, why not try something that transcends both?

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