The Compost Pile Prayer

| 9/1/2017 10:00:00 AM

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The Compost Pile Prayer 


Eternity in common parlance is either an infinite or an indeterminately long period of time. In classical philosophy, however, eternity is defined as what exists outside time.

Compost: The Key to Living Soil

Composting is the process by which raw organic materials are transformed, primarily by bacteria and fungi, into a stable, nutrient-rich substance known as “humus”. Humus is chemically complex, spongy, porous, and retains a high concentration of essential nutrients that are readily accessible to the roots of plants. Humus occurs naturally when plant and animal remains in marshes, forests, and grasslands break down over the span of centuries.

Humans can hasten this process by constructing piles of various organic materials, and providing adequate moisture and aeration. Replenishing our soils with mature compost (i.e. humus) is the best way of building long-term soil fertility and ensuring an abundant harvest.

Compost improves virtually all physical, chemical, and biological conditions of the soil. High-quality compost helps create healthy, living soil teeming with earthworms, microbes and a vast array of available nutrients that produce robust plants resistant to pests and diseases.

Compost-created humus provides plant roots with the proper combination of nutrients without overwhelming them with any particular one; something that frequently occurs with soluble chemical fertilizers. Compost also contains essential trace minerals that plants need. And it is an excellent way of recycling organic materials.

The ‘Cosmic Christ’

The Essence of the Cosmic Christ is simply the regenerative and reconciling aspect of the force of pure Being and the Soul Essence within each one of us. Hence in itself, it represents the unfolding energy of wholeness in human nature.

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