Travel Tips: The Bed and Breakfasts of Ireland and Hiking With Llamas

Travel tips from the Getting There column shares economical bed and breakfasts in Ireland and hiking with llamas through Mama's Llamas unique camping vacations.

| July/August 1982

Travel tips from the Getting There column shares how to find the most economical bed and breakfasts of Ireland and unique camping vacations that includes hikes with llamas. 

Travel Tips: The Bed and Breakfasts of Ireland and Hiking With Llamas

According to MOTHER-reader Eileen Perusek, it's possible to visit Ireland economically by taking advantage of the Bed and Breakfast accommodations that are popular there.

"Two of us," writes Eileen, "drove a rental car through the Republic and spent most of our vacation nights in clean and comfortable private homes. All of the 'suites' have sinks with hot water, and though the toilet facilities are shared among several rooms, we never once even had to wait to use them.

"In 1979, the average price for overnight lodging for two people was 10 pounds. (At that time, a pound went for $2.06, but it's only worth about $1.80 today!) And the price includes a huge breakfast . . . typically consisting of cereal, eggs, toast, sausage, bacon, wheat bread, juice, coffee, and tea. Fortified by the hefty morning repast, we were usually able to get by with just one other meal daily. And for that, we often enjoyed a picnic along the way . . . or splurged, occasionally, on an evening meal in a restaurant.

"While we were in Dublin, however, we found the YWCA at Sandymount to be a wiser lodging choice than the Bed-and-Breakfast accommodations in that metropolis. It's only a short walk from the Irish Sea, and bus service to the City Center is just a block away . . . so we were able to park our car at the 'Y' and use the doubledeckers to avoid the urban traffic.

"Remember that although B & B's are plentiful in most areas, it's best to search one out early in the evening, since they fill up fast . . . and are especially heavily booked during the June-through-September peak season. (We found this to be particularly true of those available near the seaside resort of Ballybunion at the mouth of the River Shannon and at Killarney, which is the center for tours of the Ring of Kerry.)

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