The Eco-Village: Take a Vacation in the Smokey Mountains

Plan a trip to the Eco-Village in summer 1983 and take a vacation in the Smokey Mountains, includes Show-How seminar presentations, back-to-the-land techniques and tours by chartered bus of the mountain region.

| November/December 1982

Smokey Mountains Eco-Village

You can combine a two-day camping "discovery" of the Eco-Village (and its Show-Hows) with a tour, by chartered bus, to any one of the vacation destinations in our incredibly lovely mountain region.


Visit MOTHER's Eco-Village in summer 1983 and take a vacation in the Smokey Mountains. 

In 1983, from June through September, we'll once again open MOTHER's Eco-Village for your enjoyment and education. This lovely piece of mountain property offers—in addition to mini-seminars on energy, food, transportation, and housing—shady, level campsites . . . which are ideal places to pitch a tent or park a camper. And though we don't provide hookups, we've been told by local inspectors that our shower facilities (with their plentiful supplies of hot water) are "the best in the county". You'll also find other amenities and, of course, enough do-it-yourself information to get your whole family jumping with enthusiasm when you take a vacation in the Smokey Mountains.


For instance, by the summer of 1983—besides providing wading pools for the youngsters—we'll offer a "Children's Energy Park", whose pedal-powered machines will demonstrate alternative-energy techniques. Bring along your fishing pole, too, because—for the first time—one of our lakes will be open to anglers. You'll also find an array of lovely local handiwork at our Log Cabin Craft Shop, and you can watch woodworkers demonstrate their skills with waterwheel-powered tools.

Leisure hours can also be spent browsing at MOTHER's Bookshelf ®, which is always loaded with bargain how-to volumes, while our Exhibit Hall contains displays of many of the do-more-with-less projects you've read about in the pages of this magazine.

And those, of course, don't include our Show-How display projects, which grow and evolve as research progresses . . . just as the mini-seminars, and the free hands-on learning programs we'll offer in the evenings, continually improve and expand.


Besides giving their regular Show-How seminar presentations, our Eco-Village researchers will be on hand for personal consultations, on back-to-the-land techniques. (In fact, there's nothing they like to talk about more!) Then, too, past visitors have found our free Show-How Fact Sheets, available at each of our demonstration projects, particularly helpful.

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