Home Vacations, Sulfur Emissions, Environmental Action, and More News Bits

The rising popularity of home vacations, the volume of human-generated sulfur emissions, and a booklet from Environmental Action identifying the location of waste dumps are among the stories covered in this 1980 article.

| July/August 1980

PROFITABLE HOME VACATIONS: Faced with inflation and rising gasoline prices, 30% of American homeowners say they'll spend more time at home in 1980, and tops among their activities will be lawn care and gardening ... each of which represents a good investment, since realtors say an attractive landscape can add about 6% to the market value of a house.

MORE THAN SIMPLE H20: Case Western Reserve University chemists have demonstrated the existence of the hydronium ion (H3O+) in water, while the University of California reports the discovery of another water component, the bihydroxide ion (H3O2 - ). But, if you were surprised to find that even pure water isn't as simple as you once thought, consider that more than 700 synthetic chemicals have been detected in U.S. drinking supplies.

"HUNT THE DUMP" is a booklet from Environmental Action that shows how to find hazardous waste products in your area and how to force polluters to become accountable for the improper disposition of dangerous substances. 

HOT ROCKS! If it's hot enough, the General Foods candy "Pop Rocks" can reportedly explode in the package .... as, we've learned, a delivery truck driver discovered when his vehicle's doors were blown off.

LESS SPECTACULAR ERUPTIONS: The 1883 Krakatoa eruption was estimated to have spewed nine million tons ... of sulfur into the atmosphere. In comparison, sulfur emission from human activities has been estimated at 100 million tons a year ... or the equivalent of one Krakatoa-sized eruption every 33 days. The result is our ever increasing acid rain problem.

A FIRST! Quick-freezing of the cornea, using ultra-cold copper rods, has been found to restore the eyesight of dogs, cats, horses, and other animals suffering from glaucoma ... and—in tests performed to date—the disease has not returned!

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