Storey Publishing Chicken Basket Giveaway!

| 3/19/2012 2:39:40 PM

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 Storey Chicken Basket  

Want to win this fantastic basket full of chicken goodies from our friends at Storey Publishing? Just post a comment here telling us why you love chickens AND your email address, and we'll select a winner at random!

The winner will be notified via email on Tuesday, March 20. Don't forget to post your email address, or you won't be able to win!

This giveaway has ended, and the winner has been notified via email. Thank you for participating!

Henry Holub
3/28/2012 3:49:56 PM

I love the layers i've got. They keep ticks off my dogs and me, contribute to and turn over my compost heap so I don't have to, and provide loads of entertainment as they run around the yard. I also like having a dozen or so at any given time in my brooder where they provide a small extra source of income since people around here seem to want to skip the chick-raising part.

Suzi Thomas
3/27/2012 9:19:41 PM

We love our girls! The princesses Jasmine and Ariel the red heads and the impeccable Ms Lola our buff polish are so much fun. They run to greet us when we get home. I like to think that they are excited to see us but its probably more likely they know they are going to get some kind of treat! They are so spoiled! I think its only fair for all the entertainment we get out of watching them not to mention the fresh eggs!

Jen Payne
3/26/2012 5:18:16 PM

chickens are such great pets! they give you eggs, take care of bugs, fertilize, entertain, and even rid your yard of snakes! i have raised them since i was 8 years old and can't wait to pass the fun on to my daughter!

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