Steps Toward Happiness and Simplicity

| 5/9/2012 2:06:49 PM

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You’ve come home from work after a horrible day. Your boss micromanaged your project, and picked apart everything you’d done.

In your mail you get a letter from your bank saying there’s been a screw-up and it takes you half an hour to get through on the phone, continually getting recorded messages asking you to repeat yourself. You find yourself yelling at the phone.

Because you’re tired, you microwave a frozen burrito and wash it down with a diet drink, thus undermining your plans to eat healthier.

Research tells us that a basic source of unhappiness is feeling out of control of our lives.

And that’s practically a definition of American life today. We’re in debt, we’re overweight, we’re rushed and harried. We don’t get to manage our own lives either at work or at home.

What can we do to give ourselves more control?

5/11/2012 10:09:16 PM

Everything you said was true except the part about the govt: If you have to depend on the govt, then you are NOT independent, therefore less in control, therefore, less happy, according to your theory..... "Freedom is the right to do anything the law allows." -Baron de Montesquieu..."Simplify. Simplify."...HD Thoreau

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