Economic Outlook: Our Planet's Solar Economy

What our political leaders need to realize is that, directly or indirectly, we live in a solar economy and always will.

| September/October 1979

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Energy from the sun underlies all the natural and human-made systems on which we rely. In effect, we live in a solar economy.


It was ballyhooed—Little Jimmy Carter's much-awaited Sunday night speech last July 15th—as something that would be "the most important statement of Carter's presidency" and "a fresh, bold, new approach to our energy and economic problems."

There was nothing fresh, bold, or new about it. It was just another of Carter's misdirected sermons, the same old Jimmy serving up the same tired old ideas: "I intend to push at least 142 billion dollars' worth of additional government meddling into your lives ... ram more nuclear white elephants down your throats ... rape your air, the water your children drink, and the country's land with the worst possible 'synfuel' program that can be devised ... and create turmoil and confusion by calling the oil companies names, cursing the OPEC nations, and enforcing government-mandated fuel allocations and wage/price 'guidelines' which can only disrupt and hamstring the natural laws of supply and demand."

All topped, of course, by what Little Jimmy seemed to think was his all-around Good Guy/Great Visionary/Wonderful Environmentalist trump card: "Trust me and this new 142-billion dollar morass of government interference that I intend to create, and by the year 1990 I'll fulfill a full 20% of America's energy requirements with the sun!"

Dear Lord! When will the idiots in Washington (Carter, unfortunately, is only one of a multitude) realize that virtually everything on this planet—directly or indirectly—either comes from or is powered by the sun?

We live in a Grade A, certified, nearly 100% solar economy right now! We always have. We always will. And it's high time Little Jimmy Carter and the rest of the pygmies along the Potomac began to realize exactly what that means. And what it means is this:

Everything that everyone touches or uses or does every day and every night is—either directly or indirectly—almost 100% solar powered. ("Almost" because there are a few other forces in the universe which do influence life on earth—for instance, gravitational force exerted by the mass of the moon, starlight that strikes our planet's surface, random meteorites and space "dust" which add a certain amount of mass to the world each year, etc.)

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