A MOTHER EARTH NEWS Proposal: Include Soft Tissue Pages in an Outhouse Magazine

A MOTHER EARTH NEWS reader suggests adding soft tissue pages in an outhouse magazine so those stuck without toilet paper may use MOM's pages in a more gentle way.

| April/May 2000

A reader makes a plea for his popular bathroom read MOTHER EARTH NEWS, asking MOM for the addition of soft tissue pages in an outhouse magazine. 

After enjoying a nice sit in the outhouse reading MOTHER NO. 27, I reached over and grabbed an empty toilet paper roll . . . and there wasn't anyone I could yell "Hey, bring me a roll from the house!" to.

Let me tell you, MOM, pages 129/130 ain't very soft. So I have a request to make on behalf of myself and other outhouse sitters who enjoy your magazine among the trees. Would it be possible to include a page or two of nice, soft tissue at the back of each issue? You do a beautiful job of providing information to back-to-the-landers. Now, here's your chance to put a valuable tool into every MOTHER EARTH NEWS by adding soft tissue pages in an outhouse magazine!

Roger V. Heckrodt
Enderby BC
(Country Lore, November 1974)

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