Cinnamon for Ants, Skin Cream, Canning Bread and More Country Lore

Tips from our readers.

| July/August 1984

Nature's Skin Cream    

I used to wash my hands frequently while preparing meals in the kitchen," writes Clay Kirkland of Denver Colorado. "Then one day I realized that a lot of the foods I was washing off my hands were common ingredients in skin cream ... such things as avocado, mayonnaise, and cooking oil. These days, I just massage these skin-friendly foods right into my hands. It saves time, skin cream, and water."

Canning Bread    

And while we're in the kitchen, let's look at another handy food-related tip. This innovative baking method comes from Leona Burch of Lower Lake, California, and has to do with "bottle-bread."

"I bought three dozen straight-sided 1 1/2 pint jars to can specialty breads," Leona says. "I cook up a triple (or bigger) batch of zucchini, pumpkin, or banana bread: I butter the insides of the jars, being careful not to get any butter on the top inch of glass, and fill them half full of bread batter. Then I pop them—without lids—into the oven with my regular loaves, and bake them about 45 minutes. (If the jar-loaves are done, they'll have the texture of regular bread; if they're not quite done, they'll feel and taste like bread pudding.) Next, I remove each jar and screw a heated lid on tightly. The sealed bottle-bread will keep, without refrigeration, until I need it."

Hamming It Up    

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