Simple Lifestyle with Nature's Animals

| 12/8/2015 10:00:00 AM

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It had been my intent to do a blog post about simplicity and nature on our personal blog site, but I believe these two topics conjoined have a more universal appeal than the limited exposure our blog site has. Over 20 years ago, we made the decision to live a more simple life. Living in the "big city," we had accumulated many possessions that had, at best, limited function.

When we decided on a more uncluttered and simple lifestyle, we called an auctioneer and had him auction off the majority of our possessions. We did not get much for them but the liberating aspect was that they were gone and out of our life. When we were keeping them, we rationalized that even though we may only use them occasionally, they were still worth keeping. We were only lying to ourselves and once they were gone, we couldn’t have been happier and felt set free.

Items we currently have are used to maintain our homestead or lifestyle, or we don’t buy them to begin with. We have available a local website called Freecycle where we can list items we have no use for, so others who may have a use for them can take them off our hands. We also have a local charity with a slightly used store that willingly accepts them.

Our goal is to remain uncluttered and live a more simple life, not surrounded and cramped by items we rarely or never use anymore. We heat our home with a woodstove and our appliances are basic and simple. We have found that they are much easier to maintain and still provide appropriate function to meet our basic needs.

When we moved to our small cabin in the mountains, we were immersed in nature. When it comes to simplicity, nature is the gold standard to set our goals by. We have observed that nature is unencumbered with any excess and is simplicity at its best.

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