Shout Out to Earth Law Volunteers

| 3/21/2018 9:53:00 AM

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What is Earth Law?

Just a quick intro first, Earth Law shifts our current paradigm.

What does that mean? It means that I used to look at things in a very narrow way – how convenient is it for me? What’s the price tag? How fast does it ship? It’s not that those considerations go away, it’s that they are now joined by a lot of other questions: who produced these and are those producers fairly treated and paid, is there an alternative to this that doesn’t use new resources, do I really need it, can I get it from closer?

So my paradigm has shifted from a well-trained consumer to a more thoughtful citizen of the planet, who understands that we are all connected – all things on the planet are interconnected in some way. And, I’m neither separate nor above those things but an integral part of that connected web. So what am I doing to be of service to that web?

Which brings me to ELC’s most precious component: our volunteers

Earth Law Center’s team includes 75 active volunteers right now. With just 3 full time staff, that means we have turned ourselves into a volunteer-based organization. These generous people have full time jobs, children, classes to go to and a host of other choices for how to spend their free time. Yet they choose to dedicate some of their precious hours every week to a cause they believe in – protecting our planet.

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