Seed Bombs: Random Acts to Re-Flower the Earth

| 4/8/2010 9:29:53 AM

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SunflowerHave you heard of guerrilla gardening, where folks toss flower seeds into vacant lots, or sometimes sneak in at night and plant flowers in unkempt highway medians or strips along city sidewalks? One of their tools is seed bombs — little clumps of dried mud laced with seeds that can easily be tossed over fences into vacant lots. Top choices for best seeds to sow are tough, native species, which you might think would be hard to come by. Think again — one of the showiest and toughest native plants is actually also one of the cheapest and most widely available — the sunflower seeds, sold for birdfeeders, in pretty much every supermarket and hardware store across the country.

Seems like a great way to celebrate Earth Day. No need to pack the sunflower seeds into mud balls — just toss a handful onto bare ground pretty much anywhere that won’t be mowed, and a couple months later you’ll see the showy yellow flower heads of tall, sturdy sunflowers. Birds will love the seeds, and most likely miss a few, leaving them to bloom the following years.

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Louis King
4/18/2010 3:15:43 AM

Around here the birds eat a bunch of sunflower seeds. BUT, they miss a bunch of them also. I've got sunflowers sprouting all over my yard. Every flower pot that was left outdoors over the winter has from one to ten started, same in a couple of my flower gardens. I'm betting one could start dozens of seeds if they were single seeds. Most birds look for seeds in clumps. Someplace they can get fifty of them at one time. NOT one here and there along a roadway. Might have to try this one. Lou

Dawn Pfahl
4/12/2010 12:43:26 PM

For those further interested in Guerrilla gardening, the site is and there are forums for worldwide users, how-tos on seed bombs and other useful gardening ideas, and helpful links. Do check it out!

Sylvia Wulf
4/10/2010 5:10:47 PM

The only problem with this plan is that sunflower seeds are the most highly prized by birds and at least around my neck of the woods would be scarfed down long before they would have time to sprout. If I want to grow them in my garden (which I do every year) I have to start them inside and they have to have passed the seed-leaf stage before I put them out or they are a squirrel snack ;-)

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