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| 4/13/2012 3:46:22 AM

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I have long been an admirer of Beekeeping Photography and so when I heard about the project being undertaken by Geoff Fitzgerald and his Beekeeping Photography exploits I had to hear more.  

In this excerpt Geoff discusses one of his first shoots and how it spurred him on to bigger and better things... 

If you want to find out more about Geoff and his beekeeping photography have a look at my Guest Beekeeping Bloggers page. In the meantime, if you are interested in contacting me if you have a great project please contact me

Urban rooftop beekeeping: It's hard to believe that there are people doing this in large concrete cities. Most people when they think of beekeeping they think of lush greens, farms, not on buildings such as homes, hotels, opera house theaters, and University roofs just to name a few.

So I had my new photo series idea, now I needed to start it somewhere, and I had been in the middle of planning a trip to New York City for other purposes, and decided that it would be the perfect place to start the series. I did some research for rooftop beekeeping and there were a handful of possible candidates, however one name kept coming up prominently, Brooklyn Homesteader more specifically the amazingly wonderful Megan Paska.

Setting up a date to shoot happened quickly as Meg is an extremely down to earth and easy to get along with beekeeper. She has her bees located on her own personal roof in Brooklyn with a gorgeous view of downtown Manhattan. It was an overcast day, which is actually perfect for shooting outdoors which gives me natural diffusion. This shoot was so exciting, as it was the first in this new photo series I could just envision in my head. 

5/8/2012 12:34:56 AM

Do you have any issues with the bees getting too hot on rooftops? I have hives in Nevada and we predominantly place hives where they get shade in the hot afternoons. Brad Drake, NV Bee Guy .

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