Rodenticides and Your Relationship with Carnivores

| 2/15/2016 3:42:00 PM

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We share the planet with all life; for we are not here alone. And so our actions and behaviors affect the lives of the other living beings who share the Earth with us…who share your farm with you.  And what happens to them, affects us as well.

In my last blog, I wrote about what the Coyotes on your farm ask of you ~ understanding and allowing them to live stable lives. That understanding helps you to keep your farm animals safe.

But what we often do not think of regarding the stability of wild carnivores’ lives, is how our behaviors might affect their health. We live in a world where poisons have been accepted as the answer for anything in our environment that we wish to rid ourselves of.  There has been no regard for the larger picture of the community of life. Individuals who earn their living as “exterminators” or “pest control specialists” succeed by using dangerous poisons manufactured by large chemical companies. But they are not alone, for anyone can purchase poisons to kill rats and rodents in their environment.  

Rachel Carson’s book Silent Spring alerted our society of the dangerous effects of lethal poisons, not only to ourselves and our children but to all other life. Note that our great raptors like eagles were almost lost to us because of the deleterious effects of DDT. Why then are poisons still the answer to our relationship with other lives? Would it be that we do not observe firsthand the suffering it costs?

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