Walking to Lose Weight While Recycling Cans to Make Money

A couple carrying some extra pounds after a cruise and an empty pocktbook find success when they decide on walking to lose weight while recycling cans to make money.

| November/December 1982

Are you short of vacation cash, in need of exercise and bothered by a litter-strewn environment? Well, here's how one couple came up with a pleasurable solution to that trio of problems by walking to lose weight while recycling cans to make money. 

As two active, involved senior-citizen college professors, we had concerns but few real personal problems, until our love of cruise ships brought us to a crisis. We returned from a seagoing vacation and discovered that we had two causes for alarm. First, we looked in our mirrors and saw curves—bountiful ones—in all the wrong places. Then we examined our bankbooks and saw disaster . . . a two-digit balance to cope with two-digit inflation.

"First things first," we said. "Our employers won't approve of our showing up to teach with seams that aren't and zippers that won't." For a while, however, we couldn't decide how to shed those unwanted inches. The thought of tackling strict diets brought on immediate withdrawal symptoms! And jogging would probably be a bit much for our pampered muscles at first. But walking! Aha! Walking to lose weight—now that was an acceptable solution. We like the out-of-doors, and figured we could work a one-hour daily ramble into our busy schedules.


So off we went, and while we paced, we alternately discussed our financial situation and deplored the litterbugs who had sullied the landscape around us!

However, it wasn't until our local media began running appeals for recycling efforts that light bulbs lit over our heads. Eureka! Those cans littering the highways could—we realized—be a source of cash! So, carrying leakproof plastic sacks and armed with hand-carved walking sticks with nails in the ends, we marched out to clean up the environment . . . save energy . . . eliminate our bulges . . . and increase our bank balance a bit, to boot!

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