Recycling Saves Money Using these Everyday Items

T.H. Hagemann shares how recycling saves money when trying to cut the cost of daily living expenses.

| September/October 1970

Coping with constantly rising prices—especially when living on a small, fixed retirement income—can be rough for an older couple. There are even times when the budget runs aground for younger folks . . . especially those who are saving every possible penny for something like next year's move to the farm. Recycling saves money.

Here's several recycling ideas that anyone can start using right now to cut day to day living expenses and—over a year's period—add a number of dollars (a penny saved is a penny earned) to the family kitty.

Best of all, these recycling ideas are ecologically sound because each one makes better, extra or extended use of an item from our insane "throw away" system.

(1) After the last re-reading and answering, we cut up Christmas and other greeting cards. The clear, smooth pieces are kept in a holder in the kitchen to be used for shopping lists, notes to the milkman, etc. Of course, the Christmas wrappings and ribbons are carefully smoothed and put away for next year.

The vast quantities of junk mail which we all receive can be useful if it is printed on only one side. The other side is fine for figuring, making the first draft of a letter or for carbon copy.

(2) Hotels, motels, fairs, plant tours and trade exhibits are good sources of postcards, writing paper, book matches and free samples. Almost all our correspondence is written on stationery with hotel or motel headings and it amuses our friends to receive letters on a sheet of paper from Hawaii in an envelope from Minnesota, postmarked New York.

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