Feedback on Al and Alice Black: Real Estate Scam Artists

Readers share their first hand experiences dealing with Al and Alice Black, real estate scam artists based in Nova Scotia.

| March/April 1973

We own a farm In Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia and must sadly confirm your worst suspicions about Al Black. He sure has a reputation for wheeling and dealing. For example, he'll tell naive land buyers that non-Canadian immigrants can't buy land. So he buys it (with their money) supposedly for them . . . then won't turn the title over. Beware! I know, I also find It hard to believe that someone could be like that.

Name withheld by MOTHER EARTH NEWS

Having worked for a couple of second-rate newspaper rags, I find it gratifying to discover a publication that sticks by its readers rather than sticking it to them. I refer to the Al and Alice Black affair and your warning in the last issue of MOTHER EARTH NEWS.

I guess you're aware that in the same issue in which Madeline and Kenny's letter appeared there was another note from Al and Alice describing the land bargains to be had in Nova Scotia, also offering assistance to would-be immigrants. I wrote to them and received a letter in reply, which I'm forwarding to you. I never followed through on Al's offer, as outlined in his letter ( to buy land In his name, then turn over the deed as a gift—MOTHER EARTH NEWS) because frankly, I'm suspicious of anyone who Immediately wants to do so much for someone he's never even met. The possibility of a flim-flam is there.

Name withheld by request of writer

We read your notice about Al and Alice Black. Here's our experience with them, for what it's worth.

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