Ray Bradbury: Here There Be Tygers

Ray Bradbury: Here There Be Tygers. Bradbury's science-fiction story of an idyllic planet touches on how humans have wasted earth's natural resources.

| January/February 1978

Ray Bradbury's Here There Be Tygers is an allegory of the destruction of earth's natural resources.

Ray Bradbury: Here There Be Tygers

This is a first. As we go into MOTHER`s ninth year of publication we are, for the first (and, perhaps, the last) time, printing a work of fiction in this magazine's pages. This story was copyrighted in 1951 by Ray Bradbury, and reprinted with permission.

But not just any ole work of fiction. And not something that we wanted to bring to you because it's the"latest, hottest" piece by the most"super-in author of the day.

No. The short story which follows is one we've been thinking of running in MOTHER for at least five or six years . . .one that we first read at least 15 or 20 years ago . . . one that was originally copyrighted"a long time ago" in 1951.

Now 1951 is a"fur piece" back — almost ancient history — when measured up against today's environmental and ecology movement (which really began to flex its muscles only in the very late 1960's). And that means that Ray Bradbury (author of the following story) exhibited a great deal of vision and foresight and was very definitely ahead of his time when he wrote Here There Be Tygers 27 or 28 years ago.

Because this story — as entertaining as it may be on the surface — is far, far more than a merely diverting and enjoyable tale. It is, in the truest sense, an allegory (allegory: a story in which people, things and happenings have another meaning, as in a fable or parable) . . . and a multi-leveled allegory, at that.

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