Rainwater Hub Offers Efficient Rainwater Harvesting

| 2/7/2013 8:50:38 AM

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The Rainwater Hub is an entirely new answer to the limits of traditional downspout diverters and rain barrel systems. The Rainwater Hub distributes rainwater up to 150 feet through regular garden hoses.

Collecting rainwater with Rainwater Hub

Traditional diverters channel rainwater only a few feet, which requires rain barrels to be adjacent to a downspout next to the home, seldom where the water is needed. The Rainwater Hub sends water to be stored anywhere it’s needed and convenient in a yard.

Combining the laws of nature with 21st design and technology, the Rainwater Hub is an elegant rainwater delivery system that needs no pump, has no moving parts, installs in less than an hour and is simple to use.

Homeowners can interlink rain barrels and other water storage devices to create a “Rain Farm” that enables them to become self-sufficient in outdoor water. The Rainwater Hub makes rainwater harvesting both simple and worthwhile.

The Rainwater Hub is available from RDP Garden Products, via rainwaterhub.com. The Rainwater Hub is manufactured in Vancouver, Washington, and is $175 including shipping and handling in the contiguous United States. Every Rainwater Hub has a 30-day money back guarantee and a comprehensive 10-year water-tight guarantee.

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