Radiation Monitoring and Other Nuclear Stories

Three nuclear stories about radiation monitoring, the Clinch River breeder reactor, and the Three Mile Island reactor.

| January/February 1983

Nuclear power hasn't breathed its last, but there's been a decided turn in the tone of coverage since 1979; the industry's ascendance is no longer presented as an inevitability. These nuclear stories, for instance, speak more to the reasons for opposing this power source.

Radiation Monitoring

Solar cell-powered radiation monitoring stations are located near nuclear plants throughout the Southeast to collect measurements in the event of "non-routine releases."

Killing the Breeder Reactor

For ten years now, environmentalists have been trying to kill a project that would result in the construction of a demonstration breeder reactor on the Clinch River in Tennessee. And in September they almost won. The reactor-that-produces-more-fuel-than-it-uses (in theory, at least) escaped timely death by a single vote in the U.S. Senate. Breeder opponents vowed to finish the job during the lame-duck session of Congress late this year.

Three Mile Island Reactor Kaput

The inner workings of Three Mile Island's Unit 2 reactor are little more than rubble. That's according to engineers who took their first looks into the core, more than three years after the incident, through a miniature TV camera lowered through inch-and-a-half holes.

Jason Roberson_1
1/27/2009 5:04:38 PM

I love it when someone makes something from little or nothing at all, especially children. What an inspirational story that all of us can benefit from. It reminds me of the chocolate business that my son started at the age of 8. After much trial and error, he is turning into quite the entrepreneur himself. Jim, keep up the great work and Todd, great article bud!

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