Puyallup Speaker Spotlight: Ed Begley Jr., Actor and Activist

| 5/10/2011 4:49:41 PM

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Get to know Ed Begley Jr. of Envirolet. 

What are you going to speak about at the MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR? When and where? 

I’m going to speak on how people can save money, simplify their lives, clean up the air in our cities and reduce our dependency on mid-east oil – in other words, things we can ALL agree upon. I’m going to talk about how I’ve done these things and what has worked for me.

Ed Begley JrWhat are you most looking forward to sharing with FAIR attendees? 

My 41 year journey of sustainable living – and how I not only saved energy and resources but I also saved Money!

What are you most looking forward to at the FAIR? 

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