Puppy Present

Andrea Looney, D.V.M., answers questions relating to pets and animals including whether to give a puppy present, what is causing that calcium imbalance in your sows, and whether or not it is safe to feed your animals chocolate.

| December 1994/January 1995


A puppy present should only be given after careful consideration and consultation.


Andrea Looney, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, answers readers' questions about animals.  

Puppy Present

Dear Andrea:  

My husband would love to give our friends a puppy for Christmas, and though it seems a great gift, I'm reminded of what my mother used to tell me: "Give a pet only if you intend to take a stake in its care." Is there a way to responsibly give an animal as a gift?  

— Patricia Rassi
Warren, R.I.

Dear Patricia:

Puppies, kittens and other pets provide companionship, joy, unconditional love, a sense of safety and often even service. It seems reasonable to suspect that they would be the ultimate present. Yet the pet giving experience must be preceded by taking the time to consider which animal is best suited for your friend's living space, lifestyle and budget. A pet selected on impulse, "for children" or as a gift during the holidays often ends up as one of the millions of unwanted pets needlessly euthanized each year. Caring for an animal is very similar to caring for a child.

10/30/2007 9:52:32 PM

Oh lordy, not this again. I realize you have the nice intention of giving a present that will cherish the other person, but more often than not, the pet and the recipient suffer! Please think twice and do a LOT of research before giving pets as presents. Please check out the following site before even thinking about it! http://petgiving.com/

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