The Early Days of Public Access Television: Reaching the Community

Reaching the community is easy using local cable broadcasting, known as the early days of public access television.

| November/December 1971

Reprinted with permission of Radical Software (Radical Software is must reading for anyone into videotape, film, etc. and we recommend it highly). 

Your community.

What do you know about it?

That is, how can you really find out about what's going on in the community you live in. Well, if you're fortunate you may have a local newspaper but unfortunately many people don't. And those that do only get it every so often. You see, up until now nobody's really paid much attention to communications within the community. In fact, it's been sadly neglected.

But now your community has an exciting and dynamic new voice. A voice that will create far greater awareness of everything that's happening in your community. Anything from a town council meeting to a little league baseball tournament. It's called local cable television, a public access television center that reaches your local community.

And that's the purpose of this little booklet. To explain to you how very simple and essential it is for you and your community to participate in community programming on cable television, the Twentieth Century Community Center.

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