Preparedness for Black Bear Encounters on Remote Properties

| 11/12/2016 8:35:00 AM

Tags: wildlife, wilderness, black bears, predators, mountain living, remote living, preparedness, Jamie Leahy, New Hampshire,

Remote Homestead Bear Proofing

It was a starry night in chilly Bethlehem, N.H. I had just finished plumbing the water supply lines in our off-grid cabin and decided it was time for a well deserved dinner from our local market. They had recently started making their own bread, and visions of grinder sandwiches danced in my head.

I couldn't wait to fire the wood stove in the tiny house, kick back with a few ambient air temperature brews, and put on my stylish flannel PJ's.

As I drove down the "road" to the cabin, I noticed a pair of eyes in the distance. Was it our resident fox? Our eyes locked and as I drove closer it was clear: A large black bear was just chillin' there, eating the wild blackberries on the side of the road like it was his job

I quickly drew from my outdoor professional database with wildlife, and mashed my gas pedal to the floor. Our resident bear "Mr. Fluffers" quickly turned and barreled through the brush.

With a 300-pound+ wild bear snooping around for food, you start to wonder if the ¼-inch plywood door you installed on your tiny house is bear proof. The answer to that question is a firm “no”.

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