The Last Laugh: Political Reform

Mild summer weather having deprived them of inspiration, the Plumbtree Crossing Debating Society settles for discussing politics and political reform.

| September/October 1978

"All kings is mostly rapscallions."—Mark Twain

Well sir, summer's pretty much settled in here at Plumtree Crossin', and though it hasn't been a world beater for heat, the katydids are talkin' about it in the afternoon and the peeper frogs are discussin' it ev'ry evenin'. And I allow as how the topic of weather has jist crept into conversations down at the general store, too.

'Course with the weather bein' so all-fired temperate the fellers were a bit lackin' in inspiration. But, bein' folks who don't discourage easy—and as there wasn't anythin' else they'd rather be doin'—they made the best of a poor thing.

Why only yesterday Doe Thromberg was tellin' the gathered notables that he didn't feel it'd been much of an August, as Augusts go. He pointed out that though it was the middle of the month already, the pond on his place weren't more than simmerin' and that a three-minute egg b'iled in it still came out with the yolk on the runny side. 'Course that pond of his is mostly in the shade ....

As you can see, the jawbonin' was of a desult'ry nature, but before the remainder of the assembled worthies could begin to re-hash their lies from past seasons, who should come strollin' up but Lafe Higgins.

Now by the way Lafe was shakin' his head and mutterin' as he walked, all hands present figured that he either had somethin' on his mind or was checkin' the fit of a new pair of dentures.

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