Photo of the Week: Tulip Fields

| 4/29/2011 4:41:59 PM

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Photo of the Week Tulip Fields 

I just want to run down these rows of pink tulips, breathing in the floral scent and fresh air. It’s such a beautiful sight. So many tulips are all growing together in straight rows. You can’t tell in this photo, but these fields have tulips of many colors. My favorite would be the purple ones. First because I am fond of purple, and secondly, they are the flower I am using in my upcoming wedding.

While in the future tulips have a place in my wedding, but tulips have a history placing them in Central Asia. Stemming from the Turkish word tulbend or “turban” because of the turban shape, the tulip was cultivated in the Turkish Empire earlier than the 1500s. They later arrived in Holland, where they have become an icon of the county.

Thank you CU photographer gillisc for submitting your photo this week. Visit gillisc’s Tulip Fields gallery to see tons of tulips. The fields are full of different colors, all blooming in the spring sun.  

Please continue submitting photos! The CU Photos don’t just go on the web; they can end up in the print magazine, as well.

Keep submitting your photos every week to the CU photo-sharing site. Each week the Photo of the Week is taken from that week’s submissions. You have to submit every week for a chance to be the Photo of the Week! But you could see be featured in the magazine sometime!

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