MOTHER's Newsworthies: Dr. Barry Commoner, Dr. Paul Ehrlich and Dr. Ann Wigmore

Learn from environmentalists Dr. Barry Commoner and Dr. Paul Ehrlich, and raw food vegetarian Dr. Ann Wigmore.

| September/October 1977

Brief Dr. Barry Commoner

Environmentalist Barry Commoner (author of The Closing Circle, Science and Survival, and The Poverty of Power) is currently directing his considerable efforts squarely at President Carter's energy plan, which he intensely opposes.

Since April, when the proposal was announced, Dr. Commoner has been conducting a careful numerical analysis of what the President's energy policies will actually do, based upon the data provided in the plan itself. And he has confirmed his belief that the new policies will only further push the country in the direction it's already going: toward centralized power stations and away from energy decentralization ... toward service to industry and away from benefit to the individual consumer.

"The worst deception," the Missouri-based scientist says, "is that most people think Carter's against the nuclear breeder. Actually, he's for an alternative breeder ... one that makes nuclear power a renewable energy source. Carter's plan represents a commitment to the breeder route, and will actually block the progress of solar energy use.

"We're at a crossroads," Dr. Commoner adds. "We must choose between solar and nuclear energy ... and Carter has chosen nuclear. But people are starting to recognize the dangers of his stand. I think we're at the beginning of a real popular movement, spearheaded by at least eight major anti-nuclear groups around the country."

Brief: Dr. Ann Wigmore

"Seeds are the solution for survival. The stores can close and everything can disappear, but you can still live on sprouts and greens."

So says raw food vegetarian Dr. Ann Wigmore, and so she has said for the past 25 years. Only, now more than a few people are starting to listen! Dr. Ann (as her followers affectionately call her), dark-haired and brighteyed at 68, is founder and director of the Hippocrates Health Institute in Boston, where she teaches visitors from all over the world a wholistic physical/spiritual way of life. Her many publications — Be Your Own Doctor and Why Suffer? are two examples — have found a wide readership.

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