Make Pantyhose Dolls

If you want lots of laughs, a source of extra cash and some strange-looking company, try making pantyhose dolls.

| November/December 1981

Being blizzard-bound can frazzle almost anyone now and then, and I'm no exception. I do try, however, to keep myself occupied during the cold season with a variety of interesting projects that help drive off the "midwinter blahs."

And the inspiration for one of my most entertaining endeavors came to me from a MOTHER EARTH NEWS article on quilting that recommended stuffing quilt squares with old panty hose.

Well, since I had sacks full of old nylons, and plenty of odds and ends in my scrap bag, the notion appealed to me. I didn't, however, relish the thought of cutting out 300 identical squares of fabric. So I twisted the idea around and stuffed the pantyhose instead!

Once I'd gone that far, my imagination took off. Soon I was holding an odd little person fashioned from the piece of stuffed legwear. I went on to add arms and legs (giggling as I worked) and decked out the "stocking being" in homemade doll clothes. I knew I had a winner when my ornery old dog Omen growled at the funny little intruder.

I spent the remainder of that winter adding new, often stranger, figures to my "family" of pantyhose dolls. When spring finally arrived, I herded my created crew into the nearest tourist town. The dolls proved to be extremely popular, and I suddenly found myself with a pocket full of cash and orders!

Actually, old stockings have been used for hundreds of years in the making of dolls (remember the sock monkey?). And the invention of nylons brought about a whole new range of design possibilities. The elasticity of hosiery material makes it perfect for molding facial features, and the simplicity of the technique guarantees that just about anybody who wishes to make his or her own dolls in this manner can expect to be pleased with the results.

1/28/2014 9:38:32 AM

These are so funny!

Bryce Roberts
1/27/2014 2:10:42 PM

Glue on shredded pieces of felt to create a beard!

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