Okorn's Organic Homestead

Learn about the daily life of the Okorn's organic homestead and how they save money by growing and canning their own fruit and vegetables.

| January/February 1971

Okorn's organic homestead thrives on growing their own fresh fruit and vegetables.

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The latest news from Okorn's organic homestead. The harvest is over here in Missouri and winter's first pass has sent temperatures nearly to zero. Since mulching is a much easier way of preserving some root crops than canning, we've just put three long rows of fat carrots to bed under a thick straw covering. We'll have fresh carrots all winter. The parsley in my herb garden gets mulched too, and I pot up a plant for use in the kitchen all winter.

The garden soil finally dried out enough for fall plowing. This creates a wonderfully pulverized and fine soil for spring planting due to the freezing and thawing of the loose dirt. It also eliminates the danger of plowing too wet (one of the worse ways of abusing the soil and a guarantee of poor crops) in the spring. We'll only need to disc and smooth the garden before seeding. We also made a large bio-dynamic compost pile at the end of the garden.

I just tallied up my 1970 season of canning and freezing, then went to the local supermarket to price everything and figure out what we've saved. Our 476 quarts of canned and frozen fruits and vegetables plus 35 pounds of frozen butter is worth $285.00 at supermarket prices, and this down not include my large jars of dried herbs. I highly recommend gardening and canning!

We've finished gathering our biennial harvest of walnuts. The 20-30 bushels of hulled nuts that we have may sound like a lot but we us many and sell some, picked out, to our customers. The persimmon crop was very good this year and we froze many for winter-long enjoyment as a breakfast fruit full of vitamin C.

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