Ogden Publications Case Study: The Initiatives

| 5/22/2012 3:46:51 PM

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At work, as at home, the queries have helped us add a number of constructive items to our agenda. 

Expand digital and web-based products. Most of the resources we consume in pursuit of our business are tied up in paper, printing and distribution of the printed products. Theoretically, we might someday completely replace our paper media with digital products for the Internet, e-readers, cell phones and other devices. When electricity is generated from clean, renewable sources of energy, the electronic media distribute information much more efficiently and sustainably than paper media, conserving both fuels and forests. For now, a lot of readers prefer paper but the digital possibilities are more compelling every day and we’ll try to stay up to date with the technology. 

Goals: Beauty, abundance and contagiousness. 

Push the Suppliers. Every consumer has the opportunity to influence innovation. Businesses have even more opportunities. By demanding new products that lessen the negative environmental affects of our enterprises, we inspire the invention of more conscientious new products. By asking our suppliers for recycled or environmentally responsible papers, energy from renewable sources and durable equipment we help those suppliers justify their investments in new techniques and technologies to deliver the goods. 

The specifics are less important than the intent. The networks of manufacturers, suppliers and modes of transportation on which we depend are extremely complex and sometimes it’s difficult to sort out the effects of our buying decisions. Recycled paper isn’t always the best choice. Virgin pulp grown in a responsible manner can have, in some cases, more benign effects than the collection and processing of repurposed paper, depending on the sources and systems we use. Sometimes products can be delivered from Europe or South America more efficiently than they can be trucked cross-country from Wisconsin or Maine. It’s dangerous for us to commit, mindlessly, to any given scenario. 

6/2/2012 5:27:45 PM

As you move to digitize your content, and your lives. I have several words of caution. Already the web site appears to be overloaded with material that is not content. On some pages there is more space dedicated to push buttons than to information. Humans are very social creatures, but do not try to force it. Water flows and we can guide it! Watch out for false trails on the path to digital content. Look for simplicity in delivery as well as beauty. You can embrace web based, vs app based to keep a broad subscriber base. Take a look at how much data it takes to deliver the content you are providing. Are the images too big? Is there too much overhead in the traffic flow? Can you deliver that does not cost the user too much in bandwidth and time? I laud your ideas about collaboration but try to keep it simple for you and your staff, Try tools like Skype to start with. Google Docs, voice, talk can solve a lot of collaboration problems for small businesses. Do not force it, enable it! Mobility is getting more and more interesting, delivering content, or aggregating knowledge for use at a time of need could be very valuable to your customers. There is much more to talk about here!

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