MOTHER EARTH NEWS: October/November 2009

Mother Earth News October/November 2009More Than a Magazine ... A Way of Life 

Top Story

DIY, Low-cost and Multipurpose Greenhouses
You can enjoy fresh food all year long! Let this collection of ideas inspire you to design and build your own greenhouse from recycled or inexpensive materials.



Homesteading Lessons Learned: If I Could Do It All Again
Veteran homesteader Steve Maxwell offers advice on everything from building your own home to starting a food garden.

11 Great Places You’ve (Maybe) Never Heard Of
Our fourth annual search for cities that have raised the bar led us to inspiring communities across the country.

Keeping Bees Using the Top-bar Beekeeping Method
Pollinate your crops and get fresh, tasty honey with this natural method of raising bees that’s better for the bees and easier for the beekeeper.