No Nukes, Alternative Energy Analysis, and Other Energy News

"No Nukes" anti-nuclear activism and the conclusions of an alternative energy analysis by the Environmental Defense Fund are among several items covered in this ongoing energy news briefs feature.

| September/October 1979

The following energy news stories were drawn from multiple sources. 

No Nukes

The Musicians United for Safe Energy Foundation, Inc. (MUSE) will use proceeds from a series of "No Nukes" concerts held in New York's Madison Square Garden in late September to provide funding for qualified groups that are working to stop nuclear power.

Alternative Energy Analysis

One of the Environmental Defense Fund's economists, Dr. Wayne Wiley, did a "highly regarded" financial analysis which showed that the Pacific Gas & Electric Company (the second largest utility in the U.S.) could cut 90% of its planned new nuclear and coal plants by shifting investments to presently available alternative energy sources and meet all its projected energy needs at lower cost to both the company and the public!

Alcohol Fuel Transition Costs

A representative of one of the major oil companies claimed during a recent Los Angeles television interview that drastic mechanical changes would have to be made on the average American car for it to run on alcohol. He also stated that the petroleum firms will require $10 billion in government subsidies if they're to develop an alternative source of liquid fuel.

U.S. Vs. Brazil Energy Policy

Right after the U.S. Senate voted $500 million in loan guarantees for "demonstration" alcohol fuel plants, the Brazilian government announced that it will invest $5 billion through 1985 in its alcohol fuel program.

Ford's Ethanol Commitment

A spokesman for the Ford Motor Company, which is one of the corporations planning to produce vehicles in Brazil that will burn 100% alcohol, said that they were "tuned in" with that country's switch to the fuel. "So, whatever it takes," Ford promises, "we're going to comply." (Fiat already has "alcoholic cars" coming off its South American production lines.)

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