Nevermind the Politics, Forests Can Help Cool the Planet

| 8/26/2016 2:28:00 PM

Tags: redwood forests, sustainable forestrly, climate change, carbon pricing, carbon markets, Raul D Hernandez, California,

I have received many informed, some not so informed, but some real heartfelt responses to my first blog post for MOTHER EARTH NEWS: Forestry, Global Warming, and the Multi-Billion-Dollar Carbon-Credit Grab.

Forestry and global warming are complex and emotional issues. In this follow-up article, I’d like to focus on the forests themselves and how they can contribute if forest management practices can be adjusted through the incentives in the multi-billion dollar carbon credit programs being formed.

I’ve seen too many politically motivated reports from all spectrums of the debate claiming that the kind of forestry I’ve described and advocate — called "Restoration Forestry" — is irrelevant or cannot be done because of much supposed science.

But, I stand behind the main points in the article. Let me discuss several issues  that were not fully mentioned in my prior blog post.

The Pacific Northwest is the Key

First, I reviewed an alarming report showing that significant acreage of boreal and other lower volume forestlands may not contribute as much to the global cooling equation in the coming decades and beyond as prior expectations and studies have shown:

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