Music for Climate Change (with Video)

| 9/14/2015 10:31:00 AM

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Let's Make the World a Better Place and Save the Human Race

The iconic, politician busting journalist from Texas, Molly Ivans always said fight the system but don’t forget to rock out (I’m paraphrasing). Read up on a champion of reason and sanity in a crazy world here.

In the Spirit of Molly, I would like to introduce Mother Earth Listeners to music, which could become anthems for our struggle to save the planet and avert the disasters of climate change.

We recently attended a concert for Climate Change at the Uptown Arts Bar in Kansas City organized by Craig Wolfe and Randy Deutch of the band Soular.   The concert premiered a song by Winston Apple that brought tears to some eyes in the audience.

The song:

Lets Make the World a Better Place and Save the Human Race is not only inspirational and factual but raises the question; Are we past the point of no return?

There is no way to know for sure, 

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