Tidbits from MOTHER EARTH NEWS: Prepare for Winter, Make Shortnin' Bread and More

MOTHER EARTH NEWS tells you how to get your home ready for winter, rake leaves and make shortnin' bread.

| September/October 1976


The better your home's insulation, the lower your fuel costs will be.


Here are a few of THE MOTHER EARTH NEWS® syndicated features which have appeared in 100+ newspapers over the past three and a half years. 

Tips for Raking Leaves

Right now, Mother Nature is providing the wise gardener with all the good compost and soil building materials he could ask for . . . free for the gathering!

Raking leaves is an old autumn ritual that involves the whole family. And one of the easiest ways to haul those leaves to the compost pile is with a goodly section of recycled canvas or worn out bed sheet.

Clear an area the size of your tarp and spread the canvas out flat. Then simply rake the surrounding leaves onto the sheet, pile them in its center, fold over each comer to trap the heap and tote it to the compost bin. For best results shred the leaves before adding them to the pile.

Get Your Home Ready for Winter

Government and energy industry spokesmen are predicting severe fuel shortages in some areas of the U.S. and Canada during the coming frigid weather. If you haven't already done so, then, this is definitely the time to "batten down the hatches" for winter.

A special committee for the Office of Consumer Affairs has reported that storm windows can conserve enough heat anywhere north of Richmond, Virginia to pay for their installation within 10 years plus return an annual 6% dividend on initial cost. That's at current fuel prices. As the expense of oil, coal, gas and electricity increases (and it will), those extra windows will justify their expense in even less time. And if you really can't afford double glazing? Relatively in expensive weatherstripping and caulking applied around all the doors and windows on a house can cut a family's annual heating bill by as much as 15 to 30%.  

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