A Marriage Made in Heaven And Earth

| June/July 1998

marriage is like a garden - cartoon illustration

A marriage, like a garden, is more likely to prosper if you select the right plants for it.

Illustration by Amy Young

Last Laugh

You may be married to a couch potato after all.

Gardens and marriage have more in common than most people realize. They are both an affirmation of life, a symbol of faith in the future, a commitment to love and support. Both gardens and marriages are full of surprises and give great pleasure, but neither flourishes under stress.

On the other hand, you always know where your plants are, and if you get tired of them, it's easy to throw them out and start over.

A garden center full of colorful aromatic flowers can be as seductive as a candlelight dinner. Be careful — while they may be beautiful in bloom, many flowers last for only a few weeks each year. They spend the rest of the time lounging around, littering, and making constant demands for food and drink. They may even attract parasites.

Successful gardeners don't throw themselves at every flashy plant that shows up at the local nursery. They have learned not to take chances with strangers. Before they bring them home, they check them out. So should you.

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