Manifesting Our Own Destinies in Tandem with Mother Earth

| 2/8/2017 9:49:00 AM

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Due to queries for more information about my MOOD Bowls—Manifesting Our Own Destinies—I have put together some Sets for sale. While deciding what elements to include, it struck me that each one coming to me connected somehow to our Mother Earth. This, of course, excited me and added just one more layer of importance.

The bowls themselves are crafted of clay that originated in the soils beneath our feet and speaks to me of the firm ground that yields such bountiful nourishment for us all. If we garden, most of us don’t particularly love the clay we come across in our work outdoors. How perfect is it that those pesky bits of clay find their way into our ceramic endeavors for practical use?

My bowls are also crafted with the help of the gourds I love to grow. I carefully add a spiral of life to each bowl, giving a nod to the interconnectedness of all the living things we walk among and the way we often come upon ourselves as we travel the journey.

I wrote about the trees included in the Sets in an earlier blog postTheir connection with our planet is very direct and obvious since they created from crystals. An added layer of connection with these trees is that each gemstone is affixed by a friend who lives on her earth-friendly farm not far from me.

The sweetgrass has so much meaning to me that it’s difficult to fully explain. I’m thrilled that my bed has multiplied in size several times over since it was planted from three small starts several years ago. During last year’s scuffle with the VillageI remodeled my sweetgrass bed so it’s free to spread in all directions at will (see photo below).

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